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Medicaid Eye Clinic

Eyecare Associates of Nampa is expanding our services! We have opened a new location, our Medicaid Eye Clinic at 321 2nd St. South, Suite 102, adjacent from our current building. Due to increased patient demand, we have outgrown our current clinical care footprint and as a result are expanding our services to patients with Medicaid insurance.


  1. We are excited to be able to provide more examination times for Medicaid eye examinations by increasing our availability from one day per week to three days per week.
  2. We are now able to display more state-approved frames and color choices on our frame board. Many practices keep these frames in a box and do not display them.
  3. We can now provide a more personalized experience for pediatric patients.

We have all the same cutting edge diagnostic equipment in our new clinic including digital imaging of the retina and automatic refracting equipment. Our goal is to improve patient experience while providing an opportunity for more patients to receive the quality care Eyecare Associates of Nampa is known for.

It is our goal and promise to you to continue to protect and enhance your most precious sense, your sight!

Call to schedule the entire family today!

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